The Department of English was founded in 1950 at the time of the foundation of Rampurhat College. In the post-Independence era, when India was still under the colonial hangover, starting of the discipline of English in a college at the developing township of the railway settlement at Rampurhat was marked by a deep sociological insight. English Honours programme was introduced in 1967. While drawing its pool of students mainly from the adjacent rural areas inhabited by lower income groups, the department of English makes sincere efforts to provide these students good opportunities of studying both Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in regular and distant modes. Postgraduate course in English, started in regular mode since 2015, has added to the academic progress of the department. Besides, the departmental faculties are engaged in delivering lecture-sessions to Postgraduate students of English under Distance Education Mode in the study centre started by Rampurhat College since 2013. It may also be mentioned here that the faculties from the Department of English participate in the annual assessment programme of both undergraduate and postgraduate examinations of English (EEG, FEG and PGEG) conducted by Netaji Subhash Open University (NSOU), which has its study centre at Rampurhat College since 2004. The department has provided a number of successful alumni who serve as teachers in nearby schools and colleges and as professionals both in government and private sectors. The department is supported by a group of sincere teachers with good academic records who aim at effectively delivering a course in English. The quality of students in the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes is moderate given the dire economic condition of their families in a semi-rural, semi-urban set up.

Rampurhat College

Rampurhat, Birbhum-731224

West Bengal, India